Post-Operative Instructions

General Surgery Instructions:

    • - You will have an eye shield or patch placed over the surgical eye. DO NOT remove this until your post-operative visit. We will remove it for you in clinic
    • - Plan on wearing the protective shield every time you sleep (at night or nap) over your surgical eye for one week after surgery
    • - Avoid getting tap water in the eyes for about 2 weeks after surgery
    • - Avoid swimming in pools, lakes, beaches, or hot tubs for 2 weeks after surgery.
    • - Do not rub the eye for one month after the procedure. If it itches, which is normal, place a drop of artificial tear in the eye or gently touch it with a clean, soft tissue.
    • - You may clean the eye with a soft, clean tissue as mild discharge and crustiness is common after a procedure.
    • - Avoid bending with head below heart level, straining, lifting objects heavier than fifteen pounds, exertion, or excessive coughing.
    • - Some pain or mild discomfort is normal after surgery. Taking extra strength Tylenol at recommended dosages should alleviate the pain.
    • - Your vision may fluctuate after surgery, and this is normal.
    • - If you notice increasing redness, increasing pain, new flashes or floaters, decreasing vision, or something that seems abnormal, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 972-254-4297.
    • - Please  use all drops as instructed to ensure proper healing of the surgical eye.
    • - These are general guidelines. Dr. Husain will answer any questions you may have at your post-operative visit.