Uncontrolled diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness in working age adults. After having diabetes for >25 years, more than 80% of patients will develop diabetic eye disease. At North Texas Eye Specialists in Las Colinas/Irving, we offer screening exams for diabetic eye disease. With the combination of a skilled complete eye exam and cutting edge technology to detect minor, reversible damage, we are well equipped to help you keep your eyesight in the best possible condition.

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

When patients have high blood sugars, their blood vessels can swell and leak, or they can close completely. Because the eye has many small blood vessels, high sugar effects can create damage to the retina and the eye. To compensate, sometimes the body can grow new, abnormal blood vessels that can actually create more damage to the eye as these blood vessels are very fragile and can break and cause bleeding in the eye.

The early stages of diabetic retinopathy does not produce many symptoms. In many cases, it is reversible with good blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol control. Once the disease has progressed enough to produce symptoms, patients may experience:

  • blurry vision
  • new floaters in their vision
  • fluctuating vision
  • decreased night vision
  • new blind spots or areas where an object may appear darker
  • faded color perception

Here at North Texas Eye Specialists, Dr. Husain and her team are dedicated to providing the best of care for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

For more information, please visit https://www.aao.org/eye-health/diseases/what-is-diabetic-retinopathy