Dry Eye

The tear film-cornea interface accounts for about two-thirds of a person's ability to refract light. In other words, the tear film is incredibly important to maintain clear vision. Additionally, tears help to make your eye feel comfortable. Patients with dryness of the eyes usually have a problem with one of the three layers:

  • mucus layer - the part that is closest to the eye
  • aqueous layer - the middle and largest tear component
  • oil layer - the outer coating of tears

Patients with dryness of the eyes can suffer with a mild, gritty sensation to frank pain in the eyes. The vision can fluctuate as well. There can be several medical causes for dryness of the eyes. When you come to North Texas Eye Specialists in Irving, TX, our highly qualified team will perform a thorough evaluation of your eyes and any systemic symptoms that may be associated with dryness of the eyes. There are a variety of therapies and treatments for dry eyes, and we strive to find a modality to help you.

Here at North Texas Eye Specialists, Dr. Husain and her team are dedicated to providing the best of care for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us today.